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About Branches Books

The mission of Branches Books is to inspire, educate and engage our readers by giving them a range of different materials that depict all facets of human experience.

Why Branches Books

Over the years, Branches Books have made a great collection of Books, MP3, CDs, White paper, Research papers.

We have great collection in Literature, Science, Economics, Art, Autograph & Manuscript Material, Art, Poetry, Voyages & Travel, Modern Editions, Children's Books, Illustrated books and Antique Bookends.


The Library of Branches Books offers access and directions to a large range of resources and resources which help to address the medical, educational, leisure, and recreational needs of residents of the AZ residents and surrounding communities. We monitor and refresh the website and existing inventory of our store continuously.

The Branches Books library embraces and promotes the rights in every age group in a safe place to read, study and explore. By offering up-to-date, diverse, interesting, and accurate content in a number of formats covering current issues of concern, we aim to improve the quality of life in our society. With particular focus on encouraging cultural events for every age group, the library shares the community's need for lifetime learning experiences. Through providing these resources, Branches Books adapt to the community's evolving technical needs.

Branches Books have special section to meet the need of children and we even make customized books for them. It is more valuable than seeing the reaction of a child to these customized personalized books and mp3. The magical journey starts from the time your child comes to Branches Books.

Our collections at Branches Books


Fiction, Non-Fiction, Best Sellers, Large Print, Reference Materials


Books on CD and MP3, Language courses on CD and USB drive.


Collection of more than 15000 Newspapers & Magazines

Children’s Library

Story Hour, Toddler Time, Book Clubs for ages 6-11.