Retail Consignment Agreement

Here at Branches Books & Gifts we welcome the chance to promote and support local authors and artists whenever possible. To be considered for a book signing event or as a featured artist during Sierra Art Trails Weekend ,we request you provide contact information as outlined on our Retail Consignment Agreement below. Some additional information:

  • Please call or send an email to schedule an appointment so we can discuss your book and signing details.
  • The days in the bookstore can be incredibly busy, so we apologize if we were not able to talk with you about your book or the opportunity to sell it in our store if you drop by. We are happy to schedule an appointment with you to give you and your book the attention it deserves.
  • Please have the Retail Consignment Agreement printed & filled out to the best of your abilities, prior to the appointment date.
  • We have several inquiries a day for new books to be placed on our shelves. We curate titles based on customer demands and interests. Please understand if (in the rare occasion we are not a match) we cannot offer to stock the book at this time.
  • We work closely with our authors and begin with a consignment contract. After building a relationship and book sales, we are happy to pay outright for books.
  • We understand that many local authors are self-published and will work to make your event and pricing for each party.
  • We love hosting book events and place events on all social media channels, as well as our bi-weekly newsletter. We encourage authors to assist with all event marketing to have the most successful event possible.

If you can provide us with the details outlined above, we will consider your book and its potential to sell in our store. Thank you for being in touch and congratulations on the publication of your work!

Author Signing Events - 5 Things Authors Can Do to Help Us Sell Your Books

Congratulations on your new book! Working partnerships between bookstores and local authors can lead to win/win outcomes. We look forward to learning about your book and exploring the opportunity to sell it in our store.

The bookstore’s goal is to offer a curated selection of books people want to buy. If you are a local author or have a book on a topic of regional interest, we want to know about your book.

1. Provide a sample copy of your book and marketing materials.We’d like to see your jacket cover and have a brief description, the price, format, and understanding of who you think would be most interested in buying your book.

2. Offer terms that allow us to stock your book. Everyone in the book business works on a slim margin and a bookstore’s average net profit is just three to five percent. We request a minimum discount of 40 percent and the ability to return unsold stock without penalty.

3. Establish an easy way to order your book. Availability through a book wholesaler like Baker & Taylor and/or Ingram helps us consolidate our orders and streamline the buying process. We’d be swamped with paperwork if we needed to manage an individual account with each author and would rather invest our time in merchandising and promoting good books.

4. Tell us your plans and ideas for local promotions and events. Let us know what you have planned for promoting your book locally. We’d like to know what you have already scheduled and how you would like to collaborate with us. If you’d like to do a presentation or special event at the bookstore, please present a brief description of your program.

5. Explain what you can offer as our partner in promotion. Tell us about who you know locally and how you can help promote an event with the bookstore. Print ads, receptions with refreshments, social media publicity… all require time as well as funds. Let us know what you care prepared to do to help.