CHILDREN'S BOOK SPECIALISTS    We're dedicated to finding the best books for you at the best prices. From the trendiest novels to specific nonfiction titles, we search for books in our store and through various publishers and warehouses.

PURCHASE ORDER DISCOUNTS    Use a purchase order and receive a discount. (Discounts vary from publisher to publisher and depend on quantity of titles ordered.)

FREE STORE TOURS    Kids love learning about how businesses work in the real world. Bring your class to Branches Books and we'll give them a tour and discuss how our books make their way to the shelves. Your class will learn about the value of independent bookstores, enjoy a private storytime, and get a coupon for their next visit.

CONTRACTED VENDOR FOR:  Oak Creek Intermediate, Bass Lake Unified School District, Western Sierra Charter Schools, Gold Arrow Camp

WISH LISTS   Who says you can't get what you want? You tell us, we keep the list. Simple! Just tell your school and community we have your wish list and we'll help them find what you need for the classroom and library.

SUMMER READING LISTS   The ideal solution for students who lose their lists! We'll keep your selections in stock and offer students a 10% discount.


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